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I am a practicing estate and trust lawyer, and the owner of LawSafe Systems, LLC. LawSafe® grew out my 20 years of experience advising families in estate planning matters, preparing legal documents and reorganizing their financial affairs. When an emergency or death occurs, I also advised and assisted the people responsible for handling the estate or trust; the executor and trustee, power of attorney and patient advocate.

I am intimately familiar with the legal, practical and personal challenges people face when an emergency arises and after family members pass away. Even with the right legal documents there are always logistical problems and delays, and sometimes disagreement about how to get things done. All of it usually sorts itself out, but too often things become unnecessarily complicated and inconvenient for the family. Sometimes it can become a real mess.

I developed LawSafe® to provide a solution to the stress and problems that arise as a result of documents not being timely available, accounts and related paperwork being scattered in many places, and critical information being lost forever with the deceased. Most people make some attempt to get things organized just in case the unexpected happens, but being sure you have covered everything is not easy.

No two families are exactly the same, personalities and circumstances differ as do the nature and extent of people’s property. But everyone wants to be responsible and make things as easy as possible for the next generation. LawSafe® helps people do just that.


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