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Through LawSafe's partnership with the Minnesota State Bar Association, you are eligible for a FREE LawSafe Professional Subscription in perpetuity.

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How Does LawSafe® Help You

Earn additional fees and stay in touch with your clients

Earn Additional Fees

$10,000 per year from existing clients.
An average of $200 per engagement.

Stay Connected

Automated emails sent to clients and their family reminds them of you!

Increase Referrals

Be introduced to your clients' family
and other advisors.

Custom Branding

Your name, photo, and firm logo are displayed in application and in email reminders.


Intergenerational Planning

Become acquainted with your clients' children
and other family members.

Expand Your Role

Serve as the gatekeeper and ensure you are
hired to administer the estate.

Address A Common Concern

LawSafe® answers common questions about document sharing and storage

If you help your clients’ with estate planning matters, these questions will be familiar to you:

Serve as Professional of Record

Your clients will rest assured everything is in one place and accessible when needed

As the Professional, you have access to everything stored in your clients’ LawSafe. When a client dies or has an emergency, 
you may grant access to the duly acting fiduciaries to administer the estate or trust.

Be Your Client's Hero

Remain an invaluable part of their team by jump starting the process

As the Professional, you can help set up LawSafe accounts for your clients at your usually hourly rate. You serve as the gatekeeper for their family members (their Circle of Trust®). Secure your place as the trusted advisor for your clients’ lifetimes.


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